US imposes sanctions on Iran, China over ballistic missile and drone programs

US imposes sanctions on Iran, China | Credits: Google
US imposes sanctions on Iran, China | Credits: Google

Washington DC, United States: The companies and people of Iran, Hong Kong, China and Venezuela have been sanctioned by the United States. According to the Treasury Department, the new sanctions were about the ballistic missile and drone programs of Iran.

The Department has further emphasized that the sanctions will target the organizations and companies – which support the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and defense ministry. The major target of the United States is to put sanctions on the increasing production of weapons like missiles and drones.

The Treasury Department counted that these new sanctions will include one (1) vessel, eight (8) companies and eleven (11) individuals.

According to the news agency Reuters, the undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence – Brain Nelson, was quoted saying, “Iran’s reckless choice to continue its proliferation of destructive UAVs and other weapons prolongs numerous conflicts in regions around the world.”

Flags of Iran and USA | Credits: Reuters

Treasury also mentioned that out of the total eight companies, Iran-based Fanavaran Sanat Ertebatat Co was the one. The company is known to produce jam-resistant guidance systems. It also included two directors, named Armin Ghorsi Anbaran and Hossein Hemsi.

Additionally, an Iran-based IRGC-owned company – Saberin Kish Company, was covered under the sanctions. The Department has informed that the company deals with the components that are used to repair lawful intercept and technical equipment.

It further said that Alireza Matinkia, the Iran-based firm, has facilitated the shipment of dual-use electronic components from Hong Kong to Iran. The shipment was carrying products originating in Japan and the USA.

Moreover, the Treasury counted China-based Lin Jinghe, aka Gary Lam. As per the US Department, it “procured Japanese-, Swiss-, Taiwanese-, and UK-origin, dual-use circulators, amplifiers, inductors, and other electronic components for Matinkia using his Hong Kong-based company Nanxigu Technology Co. Limited.”

It also cited Hong Kong-based Dali RF Technology Co Limited for gathering the transfers related to Lin Jinghe’s procurement.

Along with the above-mentioned, other companies that are sanctioned are – Electro Optic Sairan Industries Co and Sarmad Electronic Sepaham Company.

Flags of China and United States | Credits: Reuters

Other people who are alleged to be involved in the proliferation of Iranian weapons were also cited in the Treasury. Reportedly, the network was led by Emily Liu and Rayan Roshd Afzar Company, including China-based Yongxin Li and Yiu Wa Yung of Hong Kong, it said.

In addition to this, the US administration also sanctioned the target exports of unmanned aerial vehicles to Venezuela. In addition to this, some sanctions were also imposed on the defense minister of Iran, Mohammad-Reza Ashtiani.

According to the Treasury, the ministry is blamed for helping in the supply of weapons such as drones to Caracas. It also targeted defense attache in Caracas, Jaber Reihani, according to the reports by Reuters.

In addition to this, the Treasury also outlined that the managing director of QAI, an Iran-based firm, was supplying drones and other aircraft, accompanied by Venezuelan officials. It stated that Parnia, a cargo vessel, was sanctioned for transporting various attack missile patrol boats to Venezuela.