NASA’s UFO Quest: How Artificial Intelligence Can Change the Game

NASA logo | Credits: NASA
NASA logo | Credits: NASA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) outlined that a detailed study of UFOs will require new scientific techniques, including artificial intelligence. In a recent study, the Administration mentioned that to identify rare occurrences it is important to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. 

A 16-member panel stated that the stigma related to UFOs and their presence can be easily studied with the assistance of AI technology. In this regard, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said, “NASA will do this transparently.”

NASA outlined studies related to advanced satellites and shifts in how unidentified flying objects are perceived. 

It is to be noted that the findings were released by the agency after a long study into unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The report was presented by an independent team commissioner by NASA. Through the 33-page report, the space agency cautioned it is quite difficult to find data related to UFOs because of the negative perception related to it. 

It is to be noted that if NASA is involved in the research, then it can help in the reduction of stigma around the UAPs, also known as unidentified anomalous phenomena, the officials commissioned said. 

NASA Administrator Nelson has underscored that the space agency has been working to shift the perspective of people about UAPs from “sensationalism to science.” However, he also mentioned that the Administration has not found any evidence which states that UAPs have extra-terrestrial origin.

US Navy reported multiple UFO sightings during training maneuvers | Credits: Google

The same conclusion related to the extra-terrestrial life was shared by the independent team at the one and only public meeting earlier this year.

Reportedly, while drawing this conclusion, the 16-member group worked on unclassified data in an attempt to better understand unexplained sightings in the sky. No top-secret files were accessed or studied by the team of scientists, aviation, artificial intelligence space and (retired) NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly.

The space agency mentioned that there are very rare high-quality observations that draw no scientific conclusions.

NASA defines the UAPs and UFOs as “observations in the sky or elsewhere that cannot be readily identified or scientifically explained.”

According to the space agency, the space agency launched the study about a year ago and cost under US$ 100,000.

According to France 24, the space agency has outlined it has received various reports from military and civilian pilots about the strange sightings in the sky. However, it is believed that movies, as well as sci-fi books related to aliens, have changed the idea and now it is mostly laughed off by the general public as the territory of cranks.

NASA’s scientist, who worked on the report leading to the announcement, Daniel Evans, said, “We need to ensure that the scientific process and methods are free.” Evans further continued, “Some of the threats and the harassment have been beyond the pale, quite frankly.”

National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA):

NASA is an independent space agency that is operated under the federal government of the US. The agency is responsible for aeronautics research, civil space programs and space research.

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It was established back in 1958 and since then has engaged in various space development efforts. It has also given the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), providing US a distinctly civilian orientation, emphasizing peaceful applications in space science.

NASA is known to carry most of the American space exploration projects, such as Project Mercury, Project Gemini, the Skylab space station, the 1968–1972 Apollo Moon landing missions, and the Space Shuttle.