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About Thermal Fusion Technology:

The cameras and monitor in the CORE product line include a multitude of advanced features that have not been available to tactical operators and the EOD community until now. One of those features is Thermal Fusion Technology. We feel that is one of the most exciting advancements to tactical inspections and have already seen an overwhelming positive response from the tactical and EOD communities. So, lets dive into what Thermal Fusion Technology is and how it is accomplished!

Thermal Fusion technology is a blended image of an HD video sensor and thermal imager. In addition to displaying thermal colors, it defines objects and persons with outlines.

How does Thermal Fusion Technology work?

A High-Definition 1280x720p monochrome CMOS sensor with excellent low-light sensitivity is combined with a FLIR longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal imager. Video from the High-Definition camera is used to produce a blended image of both sensors, delivering physical detail that surpasses what is available from a lone thermal imager. Objects and persons are clearly defined with color and outlines when the thermal fusion technology is used.

How will Thermal Fusion Technology enhance Tactical Inspections?

Standard thermal imagery provides heat source imagery but lacks the clarity to identify features about the heat source. Thermal Fusion Technology allows you the ability to not only identify the physical characteristics of the heat source, but also identify characteristics in the immediate area by overlaying outlines on the thermal image.

Thermal Fusion Technology by Tactical Electronics

Thermal Fusion Technology by Tactical Electronics

For example, furniture and relevant architecture in rooms pose hazards to a tactical team in the form of obstacles and hiding places. Most of these features remain at room temperature and are difficult to discern in a standard thermal image. The Thermal Fusion Technology feature makes these obstacles and hiding places recognizable by providing a clearly defined outline of corners and angles that are otherwise invisible in a standard thermal image.

Thermal Fusion Technology by Tactical Electronics

Thermal Fusion Technology by Tactical Electronics

Thermal Fusion Technology is also extremely valuable when you are inspecting an area where persons and objects are the same temperature. For instance, if a suspect is hiding in a very warm place like an attic a standard thermal image can be difficult to discern if all objects are generally warm and about the same temp. (95+degrees). The thermal fusion image allows the operator to see an outline of a human in such an environment. The following images showcase just how valuable thermal fusion technology can be in identifying suspects, threats, and room layouts.

Thermal Fusion Technology by Tactical Electronics

Thermal Fusion Technology by Tactical Electronics

What CORE Cameras feature Thermal Fusion Technology?

Thermal Fusion Technology is currently available with the CORE Pole Camera, CORE Flex Camera, and SWIFT Flex Camera. Using either camera you can easily switch to thermal view by pressing the “View” button on the CORE Monitor.

The clarity and detail of the image that Thermal Fusion Technology provides is extremely valuable during tactical inspections and surveillance. We would love to hear how your team could benefit from this technology. Please leave your feedback/questions in the comments below or Contact Us to setup a demo for your team.

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