Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s cautionary note on road to San Francisco Summit

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi | Credits: Getty Images
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi | Credits: Getty Images

Washington, United States: The United States and China have been working tirelessly to improve the diplomatic relation, the world is looking forward for the meeting between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping during the Francisco Summit.

However, the Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi outlined that the “road to the San Francisco Summit will not be smooth one,” according to the foreign ministry’s statement released on Sunday. Several reports have claimed that this remark was shared in reference to the expected meeting between both the Presidents.

US President Joe Biden and China President Xi Jinping | Credits: AFP (Getty Images)

Wang recently met with Biden and his top team in Washington. They agreed to collaborate for an upcoming meeting during an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum summit.

Over the past few months, there have been many meetings, mainly because of the request by the US. These meetings aimed to rebuild the relationship between the US and China, which had become really bad earlier this year after the United States shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon.

But on Saturday, Wang warned the governments about the difficulties amid the road to the summit. According to the ministry, he also mentioned that travelling to the summit will not be on “autopilot.”

The ministry further outlined that this remark was shared by the foreign minister of China after a discussion with members of the US strategic community in Washington.

In the previous month, China’s main security agency hinted that a meeting between Xi and Biden in San Francisco would depend on the US proving they are serious about it.

Additionally, Wang mentioned that China and the US should go back to the way things were in Bali. He was talking about the last time Biden and Xi met, which was during a Group of 20 summit on a resort island in Indonesia last November. During that meeting, they talked about Taiwan, competition, and how to communicate better.

Wang added that Washington and Beijing must “put into practice the consensus achieved then, “remove interference, overcome obstacles, enhance consensus and gather outcomes,” according to the reports by Reuters.

Flags of China and USA | Credits: Google Images

Moreover, he stated that authorities of both countries have been sending positive signals to stabilize, improve the diplomatic relations. Wang Yi further believed that it would be useful and necessary to maintain the relation, despite of various differences, contradictions and unresolved issues.

Other important discussions

In addition to this, on Saturday, Wang and US top officials also discussed about the in-depth exchanges on the interaction between China and US militaries, finances, science as well as technology. Along with this, interactions were also centred on the wars between Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine, and China’s investment environment and market access.