Blinken return US from Israel with focus on coordinated action against Hamas

US State Secretary Antony Blinken | Credits: Google
US State Secretary Antony Blinken | Credits: Google

Washington DC, United States: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, on Monday, returned to the United States after paying a visit to Israel. During the meeting, he had talks in six Arab states and anticipated coordinated actions against the Palestinian terrorist group – Hamas.

Blinken returned to his home country after four days of lightning visits to Tel Aviv to express solidarity and support. During the meeting, he was expected to meet Israeli leaders in Jerusalem as the military of Israel prepares for one of the major ground operations in the Gaza Strip.

On Sunday, Blinken interacted with media personnel in Cairo, where he was quoted saying, “I want an opportunity to share everything that I’ve heard — that I’ve learned — over the last few days visiting with our other partners and to talk about the way forward with our Israeli allies and friends.”

According to various reports, this trip was a sign of unwavering support from the United States toward Israel, which is dealing with one of the biggest conflicts.  

In addition to this, the US State Secretary stated that he made it clear that it cannot do business as usual with Hamas. “And at the same time, as I said, we’re determined to do everything we can to address the needs of people in Gaza,” he said, adding, “Civilians should not have to suffer for Hamas’s atrocities.”

Various reports have claimed that US State Secretary Blinked had interaction with four out of five Arab nations, including Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. The major objective of the meeting was to encourage their diplomatic relation with Israel.

Additionally, he visited Saudi Arabia – which has put its own bid with Israel on hold after the violence. Blinken also toured Qatar – which is a partner of the US but maintains relations with the Palestinian terrorist group – Hamas.

Latest war update: 

The authorities of Israel have outlined that they have declared war on Hamas after the terrorist group surprisingly attacked – shot, stabbed and burned to death nearly 1,400 people.

Israel-Hamas Attack | Credits: Google

According to the reports, Israel has responded to the attack of the terrorist group with relentless bombing – which killed around 2,670 people, mainly the general public of Palestinians.

However, after receiving continuous pressure from the administration of the United States, on Sunday, Israel resumed the water supply to the southern Gaza Strip after earlier vowing to stop the supply of food, water and energy.

United States’ efforts towards civilians in Gaza:

The United States has ordered the appointed of David Satterfield as a coordinator to monitor humanitarian relief in Gaza. The administration in the United States has stated that Israel has full right to respond and has stopped calling for a ceasefire.

US President Joe Biden | Credits: Google Images

However, the authorities of the United States have warned the Israeli authorities against more extreme measures, including mass expulsion of Palestinians, a prospect feared by Palestinian Authority president Mahmud Abbas, a Hamas rival based in the West Bank, according to the reports by AFP.

Additionally, President Biden, during an interview with the CBS News show “60 Minutes,” expressed caution if Israel will reoccupy Gaza. Biden stated, “I think it would be a mistake.”