Biden cites Hamas Attack as effort to derail Israel-Saudi diplomatic ties

US President Joe Biden | Credits: The White House
US President Joe Biden | Credits: The White House

Washington DC, United States: US President Joe Biden has recently released another statement related to the Hamas-Israel conflict; he stated that the attack was started by the militant group to derail the increasing diplomatic tie between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

On Friday, the President was speaking at a campaign fundraiser in Washington and stated that this attack was to disrupt the efforts of President Biden to normalize Israel-Saudi relations. The surprise attack was carried out by Hamas on October 7, Israel.

President Biden was quoted saying, “Guess what? The Saudis wanted to recognize Israel… unite the Middle East.” Biden informed the donors that the militant group was all aware of the sit-down between Saudis and Israeli authorities.

Chances are still alive: President Biden

Despite the attack being launched between Hamas and Israel, President Biden outlined that the expectations that the relation between Israel and Saudi could rebuild are “still alive.” However, he mentioned that it would take time.

Several reports have mentioned that Saudi authorities have paused conversation with the Israeli government after the attack by the Palestine militant group – Hamas and subsequent bombardment by the Israeli Forces at the Gaza Strip.

Concerns have been raised by the administration of Riyadh about the fate of the people of Palestine in Gaza, who are continuously living under threat because of continuous Israeli air strikes, which have killed at least 4,137 people.

Saudi Arabia has backed the US-brokered Abraham Accords that focused on normalizing the ties between Israel the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in the year 2020. However, it has not been recognized by Israel.

Biden’s administration focused on diplomatic ties between Israel and Saudi

The Biden administration has been working to normalize the ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia – the two most powerful allies in the Middle East region. Apparently, there were warming signs between both nations in recent months.

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In this regard, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, during an interview with Fox News in September, highlighted that Riyadh has been moving closer to normalizing the ties with Israel every single day, but the recent issue at Palestine is making the deal more crucial.

During a conversation with President Biden, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu outlined that a deal between both countries was “within reach” during the interaction on the sidelines of the United General Assembly in New York last month.

Many reports have claimed that India and Saudi Arabia were among the two dozen nations that promised to work on a rail and shipping corridor. The corridor was announced by Joe Biden during the G20 Summit in India.